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About Palomar Property Management & Realty: Our History

Palomar Property Management & Realty was established in 2008 with the desire to serve property owners and their tenants with the highest level of quality, integrity-filled, concierge tenant and management services.

Founded by John Boruff, the team at Palomar Property Management & Realty are proud to have become a trusted and qualified force in North Countyteam-palomar-1-choice property management.

Palomar Property Management & Realty is a full-service property management company dedicated to simplifying the rental process for both owners and tenants.

One of the core differences about our team is that we have personal experience in buying, selling, owning, managing and maintaining investment properties. We understand what it is like to be a tenant, a landlord and an investor. This personal, hands-on experience has inspired and motivated us to make Palomar Property Management & Realty stand out above the rest.

We strive to create trusted, life-long relationships with investors and landlords to make your experience of working with a management company an easy, quality and trusted one.

With PPM&R You Will Experience: high levels of communication, attention to details and quality standards for property management acquisitions and tenant placements.

Palomar Property Management & Realty has a knowledgeable and efficient team of representatives to assist owners through the process of placing quality tenants, helping tenants become owners and investors find new properties they want to add to their portfolio.  We offer specialized lease building for each property, accurate accounting, maintenance and regular detailed inspections.

Investors and landlords have found they can trust Palomar Property Management & Realty to manage their asset in a cost effective, high quality matter.

Tenants will receive the best personal care from Palomar Property Management & Realty in a professional, timely manner in all areas of contact from maintenance to accounting and from move in to vacating. For prompt service call 760-755-1700.

Whether you own residential or light commercial real estate Palomar Property Management & Realty can manage your asset maximizing return and minimizing cost all while interfacing with your tenant in a prompt, professional manner.